AIRVO 2 & Optiflow System for nasal high-flow oxygen therapy



AIRVO 2 & Optiflow is a system for nasal high-flow oxygen therapy (NFNC). This therapy has been included in the recommended treatment guidelines for COVID-19 by WHO.

AIRVO 2 Dosing system of humidified gas mixture during the spontaneous breathing is a device for continuous high pressure nasal flow therapy (NFNC).

Using various sizes of Optiflow nasal cannulas, the AIRVO 2 delivers humidified and heated positive pressure (PAP) gas mixture through a built-in generator. The flow of the gas mixture is in the range of 2 to 60 l / min. The oxygen supply has a maximum flow rate of up to 60 l / min.

NFNC is an effective method of oxygen therapy for patients with respiratory distress and / or hypoxemia and is more effective than the standard low flow oxygen therapy in terms of gas exchange, respiratory rate, and comfort. It has a sustainable beneficial effect on the oxygenation and physiological parameters of patients with acute respiratory failure.

NFNC reduce risk of reintubation in patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure.

WHO includes the use of high-flow nasal therapy in the recommended guidelines for the treatment of COVID-19  for pre-oxygenation and for non-invasive respiratory support with close monitoring for clinical deterioration in selected patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure.

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