MR850 Respiratory Humidifer



MR850 Respiratory Humidifer for all Respiratory Therapies

One System for All Patients

• Aims to provide optimal humidity: 37 °C, 44 mg/L for invasive ventilation, noninvasive ventilation, and Optifow™ or Oxygen Therapy

• One button selects optimal temperature and humidifcation levels for neonatal, paediatric, and adult patients requiring invasive or noninvasive respiratory support. Also suitable for anaesthesia applications.

• Advanced algorithms and the ability to sense fow  optimises humidifcation delivery and minimises  nuisance alarms.

• Clinically–based alarm system

• Continuous digital display of saturated gas temperature combined with simple controls and intuitive set-up indicator.

• Automatic standby during periods of gas fow interruption or water–out

• For use with heated wire breathing circuits

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