Defibrillator X Series



Based on a platform developed for the military and air medical operations, the X Series rises to a new standard in ruggedness and durability, with unparalleled features. It combines the clinically superior therapeutic capabilities of ZOLL® defibrillation and pacing with the advanced monitoring parameters you need for your patients. The X Series is also the first defibrillator with integrated WiFi, one of three connectivity options. Another unique feature is a split-screen capability that allows you to view an ECG in real time while simultaneously viewing an acquired 12-lead or one of five separate pages of 12-lead ECG and analysis information.

Because of its origins in military and air medical operations, the X Series is the first defibrillator for EMS to earn an IP55 ingress protection rating for dust and water. It’s virtually immune to a three-minute, high-pressure onslaught of water and meets the most stringent specifications for shock and vibration. The X Series can also handle three invasive pressures (optional) and two temperatures, often needed in acute critical care.

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