ESO 2 Emergency Ventilator



ESO 2 Emergency Ventilator

Emergency Ventilation

The ESO 2 has been designed as a solution to the emergency ventilation requirements presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ESO 2 uses a proven flow tube control system to deliver accurate concentrations and flows of gases into a patient breathing system, allowing healthcare providers to provide emergency ventilation in intensive care applications.

  • Suitable for adult and paediatric patient profiles
  • Volume and Pressure ventilation, plus SMMV, SIMV, PSV
  • Electronic PEEP
  • Air drive gas to help maximise oxygen supplies
  • Selectable dual waveform display
  • 4” colour touchscreen display and com-wheel control
  • Single/dual waveform display
  • Built-in oxygen monitor and sensor
  • 60 minutes battery backup
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