Transport Stretchers



The Next Generation Steering Plus System on Hill-Rom’s Transport Stretcher is easy to steer and stop while allowing for crisp cornering and control. Increased stability is provided through the dual-locking four wheel braking system, which is standard on all Hill-Rom Stretchers.

Built to last, the transport stretcher’s heavy-gauge, automotive-grade steel reinforced frame provides both long-lasting quality and a 700 lb. weight capacity to handle patients of varying size.

Transport type stretchers

Hill-Rom’s Transport Stretcher is an economical choice designed with ease of use and versatility in mind. The stretchers integrates well with other emergency room equipment, making it an ideal ER and transport stretcher.

Patient type stretchers

Hill-Rom’s Patient Stretcher combines the functionality of a hospital bed with the mobility and durability of a stretcher. The versatility of manual to electric operation gives the caregiver the flexibility to handle any situation as patient needs change.

Mobility features include an optional Active Hand Brake, an integrated IV pole transport device and the Steering Plus system for crisp cornering and control.

Key comfort features include electric side-rail controls that allow for patient adjustments and a variety of mattress selections supporting safe skin.

Procedural type stretchers

Hill-Rom’s Procedural Stretcher is ideal for the dynamic environment of the Emergency Room, PACU, Operating Room and Ambulatory Surgery facilities, where its reliability, versatility and durable exterior are essential.

Hill-Rom’s Procedural Stretcher has been designed for versatility and ease of use needed for the caregivers ever changing environment and patient population.

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