Centurius Hospital Bed



The Centurius Bed features essential ergonomic capabilities which will help you to meet the increasingly complex requirements inherent in acute care.

The bed controls with intuitive iconography allow easy access to all bed functions. The bed’s electrical movements are activated using two types of control unit.

The design and features of the Centurius Hospital Bed allow  a safe transport the patient in bed and a good mobility of the patient in bed through backrest adjustment and intelligent autocontour, knee break adjustment, patient self-repositioning, electric trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg (option).

The CPR release function allows you to quickly lower the head section to the horizontal position and can also be used when electric power is not available. It is operated by a handle located bilaterally under the backrest. The removable headboard allows a quick and easy access to the patient’s head during emergencies or for everyday patient care.

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