NatalCare LX Intensive Care Incubator



The NatalCare LX incubator can be used as a standard incubator or built-to-order with various options to meet the developmental needs of high acuity babies.

Some of the main features of the NatalCare LX incubator are:

  • Double wall supports thermal stability of baby.
  • Command module with LCD screen.
  • Ability to reposition panel enables caregiver to see controls from various angles and positions.
  • Electronic tilting mechanism with automatic centering helps minimize errors during weighing, reducing need to reposition baby.
  • 5 oval ports and 4 access doors foldable 180º enhances visibility and provide access for procedures and therapies.
  • Pull-out mattress tray with X-ray film tray gives access for procedures, care and family bonding.
  • Wide dimension mattress facilitates procedures.
  • 8 IV ports provide ease of positioning and space arrangement.

Options include:

  • Servo Oxygen
  • Servo Humidity
  • Weighing Scale
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