Transport device AHT Baby Pod 20



The Baby Pod 20 is designed with the safety of the infant in mind

The hi-tech carbon-fibre construction of the Baby Pod 20 has been  engineered to exceed 10g European Ambulance Standard (CEN 1789) requirements.

Inside the Baby Pod 20, the infant is comfortably secured in position by a vacuum matress and soft infant positioning straps. The vacuum mattress is moulded around the patient then the air is removed with the aid of a vacuum pump to hold the matress in shape.

The Baby Pod 20 can be secured to any stretcher or trolley with its versatile strapping system.

Baby Pod 20 is designed to safely and comfortably transport a paediatric patient.

The interior of the Baby Pod 20 is a fully removeable set of Shock Absorbent foam sections.

Each section is a sandwich of two types of foam. A soft ‘Memory’ foam, facing towards the patient, for patient comfort. And a ‘Shock Absorbent’ foam side, for patient safety, absorbing any bumps or knocks that may occur during transportation.

Each foam section has a cover that is impervious to bacteria, impermeable to blood, secretions, IV solution, urine and also water vapour.

Thanks to the TransWarmer® Infant Transport Matress, no electrically powered source of warmth is required to use the Baby Pod 20 for transport.

Heated by a single-use exothermic reaction within a non-toxic gel, the TransWarmer® Infant Transport Matress will keep an infant warm during transport in the pod. 60 seconds after activtion, the TransWarmer® Matress will reach a consistent temperature across its surface of 38˚C (100˚F), and maintain temperature for up to 2 hours.

Even outside of the Baby Pod 20, the TransWarmer® Matress can be a valuable source of warmth elsewhere in the NICU/PICU, or anywhere that newborns can experience cold stress.

The Baby Pod 20 has a transparent lid allowing excellent visibility of the infant both during transport and in hospital. The curved nature providing a clear view from multiple viewing angles.

The revolutionary lid mechanism on the Baby Pod 20 sees the entire lid slide and lift over the rear of the Pod, revealing the entire patient compartment and allows the best possible access to the infant.

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