Electrodes for defibrillators



Multifunctional electrodes allow ‘hands-off’ defibrillation, pacing, and electrocardiograph monitoring through a single pair of anterior-posterior chest wall electrodes.

ZOLL stat•padz are the fastest, easiest-to-use Multi-Function Electrodes optimized for emergency resuscitation situations. Unique ZOLL features save life-saving seconds and maximize efficacy:

• Preconnect™ saves critical application time

• Speed Pack™ reduces cord tangles and fumbling

• Anatomically correct diagrams facilitate proper pad placement

• Improved polymer gel enhances lateral conductivity; results in less skin effects

• Center energy feed distributes energy uniformly; reduces edge effect

• Gel sponge backing promotes better skin coupling

• Differentiated round front and rectangular back pads are diagramed to facilitate proper pad placement.


The CPR-D•padz was designed for ZOLL AEDs. The unique one-piece design uses a CPR landmark for hand placement, and makes it easy to place the CPR-D•padz on the victim quickly.

CPR stat•padz

CPR stat•padz is designed for use with ZOLL manual defibrillators. The two piece construction ensures all therapy options are available to the ALS responder. The unique design gives it utility in both the Anterior/Anterior and Anterior/Posterior placement.

Pro Padz Multi-functional electrodes

Biphasic, cardioversion defibrillation, non-invasive pacing, ECG monitoring.

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