Medicop offers a wide range of flowmeters, vacuum regulators and medical suction units. They could be connected to different gas systems – vacuum, oxygen or compressed air. They could be mounted on the wall or rail – mounted. There is a variety depending on flow rate and size and could be equipped with gas terminal units of plenty different standards – probes and connectors.


The measuring tube for the flowmeters enables very fine adjustment of flow in the range between 0 and 15 lit/min.

There are available several different configurations of flowmeters – direct wall – mounted and rail – mounted flowmeters, single and double models, flow meters for oxygen and air are available

The flowmeters could be equipped with probes of plenty different standards (DIN , AFNOR , British, UNI, C&U, Japanese, etc).

Medicop Humidifiers

There are available reusable humidifiers as well as single-use humidifiers.

Reusable humidifiers are completely made of polysulfone and so they could be sterilized up to 134°C. The capacity of bottle is large (300 ml). User can also choose between bubbles humidifiers and nebulizers.

Medical Suction Units

Permanent drainages

Permanent drainages are used for protracted aspiratory interventions. The vacuum source goes through a water column which enables setting of low level vacuum rate in range between 0 and -0.05 bar.

Connectors for medical gases

Connectors for medical gases, for scavenging of the anaesthetic gases and for the operation of medical devices (AIR-MOTOR) are produced in such manner that can be connected only in the clutch for the gas they were manufactured for and in no other clutch. Clutches and connectors for certain gases correspond to colors, prescribed in the standard. Medicop connectors are available for the following medical gases: air, oxygen, vacuum, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen.

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