In 2012 “Medilon” EOOD completed the project for the construction and provision of equipment for the Central Sterilization Department at Lozenets University Hospital.

The project implementation is in line with the European requirements for hospital hygiene and standards for spatial separation of functional areas: the reception and decontamination/disinfection of non-sterile devices area; the packing and preparation of materials area; the sterilization area and the area for storage and dispensing of sterile materials.

Each of the areas is equipped with modern equipment and furniture, which allow for a highly efficient workflow in the Central Sterilization Department: ultrasonic cleaning baths; washing-disinfecting machines for instruments, trolleys and hospital furniture; packing tables and accessories; steam sterilizers, low-temperature sterilizers with hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

The effective organization of the entire process of disinfection and sterilization and the high-tech equipment in the department assures daily processing of large numbers of sterile units and the successful prevention and control of nosocomial infections.

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